The Process

In order to keep the development schedule flowing smoothly, I book projects with enough time to develop your concept and gather content before beginning your work.  Great websites rely on great content, so we work together to make sure I have what I need before the project starts.

Once you have your estimate, we arrange your domain name and hosting, gather your materials, and discuss the finer details of your website before development begins.  I can help you figure out your domain registration and hosting, so don’t worry!


Basic Information:

Booking Policy

Bookings are non-refundable since they set aside time for your project, and prevent me from booking another client during that time. The booking fee is a standard fee for all service levels, and will be subtracted from your total project fee. When your project begins, 50% of the remaining project fee is due. When your project is delivered, the final 50% is due. A project delivery schedule will be agreed to in advance of starting the project.

If you select a time, and then cancel, there are no booking fee refunds.

If you select a time, and then reschedule, you can apply part of your initial booking fee to the next booking fee. Please contact me to make arrangements.

Changing Your Order
If you selected the wrong website type during booking, you can discuss it with me to change it before starting development. However, if you decide to increase the size of the website, be prepared to provide all necessary materials in advance of the start date.

Website Development Process

1. Start-up: Set up hosting and domain. Determine content and functions of the website (pages, connectivity, shop/payment area). Design the intended use and navigation of the website, including business objectives, main actions, and layout/design concepts. First payment due (Booking fee + 50% of remaining amount).

2. Build: Database, website, design/development. Set up visual elements (logo, branding, content photos, product photos, etc) and software components. Add text and ensure flow of the website content and links. Product photography, portfolio building, and shop data-entry occurs at this time, if included. If needed, add cart and test payment gateway (PayPal).

3. Review and test: Client checks and makes alterations. Note: While I try to accommodate all reasonable requests, some changes which infringe on the stability of the website or affect performance, or changes which add more work than was originally agreed upon (including adding many more portfolio items/products/details or changing the overall appearance of the site once near completion) will fall outside the budget set in this estimate.

4. Delivery: Passwords and documentation provided. Full payment due. I offer a 2-hour tutorial on the main usage of your website using the content management system.

Not ready to book yet? Take a look through some more terms and conditions so you understand how our relationship will work. If you have any questions, please contact me right away!


Lots More Information:

Domain and Hosting Requirements

Before I can start, your website needs these basic requirements, which I can help you set up:
1. Domain registration login information
2. Hosting with: PHP 7.0 or greater, and MySQL 5.6 or greater, and preferably the mod_rewrite Apache module
The client is responsible to order and pay for these requirements. Bright Art Media provides hosting if preferred. Payment is usually annually to the domain registrar and hosting provider, and can be set up to be automated.

Shopping Cart Options and PayPal

PayPal: PayPal is the most common for small businesses, being the cost-effective and trusted choice. Use of PayPal to accept credit cards and direct debit is free for small business accounts. PayPal deducts a small fee when you receive funds to your PayPal account. Please review PayPal’s service and fees before deciding to use their service.

Stripe: If your website is has an SSL certificate, you can take credit card payments directly on your website using a payment platform such as Stripe.  BAM hosting includes a free SSL certificate (no annual fee, pay for installation), and you can access many other kinds of SSL certificates depending on your hosting. Some hosts do not support free SSL certificates.

Client Responsibility

Clients are responsible to provide all materials relevant to their website, as discussed and agreed to in meetings and through email, before the website project begins. If materials arrive after the start date, there may not be enough time to add them to the project before the delivery date. However, additional materials can be added during the 30 days of website follow-up, which is included in every website project, so long as these additions are agreed to in advance and do not exceed the original scope of the project.

Please also check The Legal Stuff (IMPORTANT) in the Terms and Conditions for more information on client responsibility for the content and image delivery.

30-Day Follow-Up

I provide ongoing follow-up services throughout the 30 days following the delivery date to respond to feedback from customers, and fix any issues that come up during live use of the website. I can only address issues pertaining to the originally agreed-upon website during these 30 days. Any additional requests will fall outside the follow-up period, and will be billed hourly.

Image Policy

I can only work with images that you have explicit rights to use (ownership or license).  I am able to assist you by providing studio product photos, including detail images, product photos, and portfolio photos. Bright Art Media also provides high quality stock photos. Inquire about the number of photos included in your project.

Additional Services

Please contact me to request my hourly consulting fee.

Consulting includes: website maintenance, graphic design and implementation, photography, web and print services (website, business cards, pamphlets, posters, large signs).