The Pygmalion School of Fine Art is a small and thriving art studio taught by Dixie Orriss. The website needed to provide a diverse set of information, yet be easy to navigate.  The solution was a highly visual website with detail to navigation in the header so that students and their parents have easy access to the information and tools they need the most.

The website includes:

  • information on the school, the instructor, and the type of art education provided
  • ability to sign up for courses online, with several payment options (full payment or re-occurring payment, online or in store)
  • online shop furnishing art supplies, with flexible payment and pick-up options
  • course calendar to visualize class schedule
  • portfolio of Dixie Orriss’s work
  • contact form and newsletter

Landing Page for Pygmalion School of Art, emphasizing Summer Art Camps.


A full-width grid portfolio featuring child artists of Pygmalion.

View the Course Calendar

Course calendar giving a visual listing of course offerings.