NoNuts Golden Peabutter is a local producer of peanut butter-like spreads that contain no nuts, and are suitable for consumption by people who are allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.  The website needed to incorporate the existing logo and branding, and add features such as navigation, educational information, and an online shop to communicate the versatility of the product while making it more accessible to consumers.  This project included product photography, graphic design, and responsive page layouts for desktop and mobile users.  While the large images are visually stunning on a large screen, they also give the mobile user more engaging access to each page.

The new website includes:

  • consistent branding with recognizable graphic elements carried forward
  • visually stunning original product photography and graphic design
  • engaging educational information with direct access to products
  • beautifully formatted recipe pages with room to expand
  • online shop with geographic restrictions and responsive shipping prices
  • anticipated use of additional recipe pages and newsletter functions, preset
  • domain referral pointing and to the main website at



This product photo is good enough to eat! The page layout adapts to the mobile environment so that branding and functionality are never compromised.


The slogan banner has been brought forward from the pervious version of to reassure existing customers that they are in the right place.


Recipes are brought together in a gallery format for easy browsing that will encourage customers to use the product in creative ways. The images are presented in a larger format for mobile users.


Nutrition and allergy information is presented in a clear and engaging format to encourage customers to explore the product. Mobile users are treated to full-screen images and information guides for easier reading.


The shop consists of new product photos of individual jars and cases of jars to communicate the way the product is shipped. The image changes when choices are selected.


Each product page contains full product information and variations of the size of product. Customers can purchase cases of 6 jars, 12 jars, or 36 individual servings. Shipping is restricted to Canada, and customized for different regions within Canada.