Natural Option Vending is an Edmonton vending company with a fully featured menu listing that also features a healthy category aimed at health conscious consumers and schools that follow provincial health guidelines for children. They needed to provide a website that could reach out to both general vending customers and those interested in providing healthy snacks and beverages. In addition to information pages, Natural Option needed a shop tailored to local wholesale customers, providing easy access to wholesale vending, while discouraging smaller orders. They also required a printable pamphlet to explain their healthy snack options to the local schools.

The Natural Option website features:

  • keyword integration in frontpage content to assist with search engine optimization
  • site-wide shipping announcement to encourage local wholesale orders
  • visually engaging layout with responsive elements to draw attention
  • prominently linked PDF pamphlet with coordinating message and design
  • school sign-up form on the contact page to encourage new school customers
  • easy-to-navigate online store to allow customers to restock their school shops and canteens

Main page with About content that repeats SEO content for easier online searching.


Visually stunning design highlighting the excellent quality of vending machines and service offered by Natural Option, including their Online Monitoring Service.


Service page explaining the company mission and ideals and why this vending service is the best in Edmonton.


Online shop with direct and easy access to wholesale prices so that local school stores and canteens can restock conveniently.


The Natural Option pamphlet was designed to coordinate with the website, and provide a printable version of company information to make it easier for schools to learn about and consider Natural Option we the source for their school stores and canteens.


Page 2 of the pamphlet.