Souptacular is a family business selling packaged soups at local farmer’s markets, trade shows, and large craft shows.   Since the creation of their website, Souptacular has experienced success expanding their customer base and public awareness of their product.  They interact with fans directly through their growing mailing list, informing them about events, new products or packaging, recipes, and interesting ways to use their product.

As their brand develops, they are continually reaching a wider geographic region. They sell across Canada through their successful online shop, they have been accepted into Save-On Foods throughout Alberta, and are branching into Regina, Saskatchewan as well!

This website includes:

  • Powerful and user-friendly shopping cart (turned on or off as required)
  • Simple full screen image and user interface on main page
  • Updated product photography and branding throughout
  • Dynamic locations page with 100+ locations and custom search
  • Testimonials on  main page
  • Searchable recipes gallery
  • Social connectivity
  • Newsletter and blog with promotional materials

What Souptacular Says:

It is my pleasure to introduce Liz Medwid to any business, whether it is small with basic needs, or to larger companies in need of the most recent technology.

Liz discovered my website back in 2006 as it had been hacked and taken over. I did not have the resources at the time to try to rebuild it, and frankly, I was reluctant to trust anyone again. She assured me that she would get it up and running at a very reasonable cost. Her pricing was better than any other companies I had compared, too, so I felt I had nothing to lose.

Ten years later, I am STILL a very satisfied customer. Liz has maintained the online shop with price changes to reflect changes in our business model. She always maintains the site quickly and professionally. She has also produced and added cooking videos that we have uploaded on the site, again in keeping with trends and the latest technology. These things go completely above and beyond website management!

This is what I call an added bonus for companies. Liz has a wonderful knowledge of current website technology, so if you want a professional website manager with a large collection of knowledge to direct and build your website presence, Liz will certainly get you there!

Maureen Obrigewitch